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Carpets are every home owner's favorite flooring, besides keeping your feet warm and blending in with your décor, they also help create an appealing ambiance and keep our homes looking vibrant. However, cleaning them is no one's favorite job, but you do not have to like doing it because we will gladly carry that burden for you. We are a carpet cleaning company in Carrollton Texas, and our services leave no room for disappointments. We will leave your carpet looking flawless for many days to come through our high-quality services.

Our services are better than for the other companies because we use the latest models of professional truck mounted equipment for carpet cleaning. These trucks mounted equipment use super-heated steam to ensure maximum removal of dirt from your house and is also more convenient because doing so means you do not have to remove it from your home, all you do is move a few things near it, and we will be good to go. They have a high horsepower hence offer total dirt extraction. Besides, it is eco-friendly, and because it uses super-heated steam, it reduces the amount of water used in standard carpet cleaning Carrollton TX by more than 90%. Thanks to that, you do not have to wait for an extended period before your carpet dries up because in an hour you will have your carpet dry and as a good as new.

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"My carpets are very very very old but Don has been coming for a few years and everytime he leaves they look brand new. He is amazing. Would not use anyone else."

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Our highly skilled yet friendly staff work themselves to the finger bone to ensure total satisfaction, and because they are from Carrollton Texas, they will understand your carpet cleaning needs better than any outsiders. We have been in the carpet cleaning Texas for a long time which equips us with the expertise and also the knowledge of the market needs something that enables us to deliver nothing but high-quality carpet cleaning services in Carrollton Texas. We value you, and that is why our services guarantee you total satisfaction.

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History of Carrollton Texas

Located in Texas. Carrollton dates back to the early 1840's when Mary and William Larner first settled here. Later that year, Isaac Webb also visited Carrollton and left with samples of soil to Missouri, and in 1843 he came back with his wife, and they also settled here. Both families claimed land here, and they began building their homes here. Another family is known as the AW Perry also joined them and claimed land too and even established a mill. Carrollton Texas thrived mainly from agriculture and by the late 1800's it had attracted even more people and continued to flourish as more businesses continued to open up. It gained its name from the first three families because they came from Carrollton Illinois and turned it to Carrollton Texas.

Demographics of Carrollton Texas

Carrollton's demographics today, has an estimated population of about 128000 people, but in the last census which was conducted in 2010, there were only 119, 097 people. Most of its population is made up of white people who take up more than 50 percent, followed closely by the Latino or Hispanics who take up about 28% of the total population while the other groups such as Asians and the African American make up the rest of the community. Most people here range from the age of 35 to 54 as they take about 30% of the population while those who are from 25 to 34 take 15%. People of 65 years and above make only 9.5% while the younger people ranging from 18 to 24 take up 9%.

Things to Do in Carrollton Texas

Carrolton offers you an endless list of things to do as it is home to diverse dining and entertainment options, natural attractions, shopping malls and also friendly people. If you are a historical nerd, the historic downtown of Carrolton will suit you better as it helps you learn more about the history of the town while at the same time offering you fun with its long string of restaurants, antique shops, and café. Here you get to enjoy a wide array of mouthwatering cuisines from Carrolton while at the same time enjoying a pleasant atmosphere. Other attractions include the sandy lake amusement park, Rosemead Recreation Park and many others which will leave you wondering how fast time moves when you are having fun.

Outside The City?

Our high-quality services expand outside to many cities. If you are a homeowner or commercial manager needing carpet cleaning Denton TX, carpet cleaning Corinth TX or carpet cleaning in Lewisville. Go to it's specific page or give us a direct call to set an appointment in your area.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

  • How much does it cost to clean 1000 square feet of carpet?
    If you're in Carrollton, TX and looking for a reliable and affordable carpet cleaning service, look no further than Metro Cleaning. Our pricing is competitive, and we often offer better prices than our competitors per area; on average, it would cost around $400 - $600 to clean 1000 square feet of carpet with another service, but with Metro Cleaning, you can get an upscale service for much less. Furthermore, the pricing may vary depending on the size of the area to be cleaned and the condition of your existing carpet - however, regardless of both these criteria, Metro Cleaning will always do their best to provide the most competitive rate. We believe in doing quality work at an affordable cost; let our solid reputation be your guarantee for a great service.

  • Is it worth it to hire a professional carpet cleaner?
    Carrollton TX residents who have been debating the value of a professional carpet cleaning should consider that the investment can often be worth the cost. Not only does expert carpet cleaning help extend the life of the carpet and improve its appearance, but it can also make a noticeable difference in indoor air quality. To get the most out of such services, homeowners should do their due diligence when hiring a carpet cleaner. A company should be use high-grade cleaning equipment and safe solutions to keep carpeting and rugs looking beautiful and smelling fresh.

  • How much does it cost to clean 2 rooms of carpet?
    Estimations vary based on the size of rooms and condition of the carpet, but typical price ranges are around $100-$200 per room. Metro Cleaning provides top quality, budget-friendly deep cleaning of carpets - often at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

  • Is carpet cleaning worth the money?
    Professional carpet cleaning services offer a great benefit for those looking to maximize the life of their carpets. Not only are they able to provide an intense deep clean to your carpets, but also efficiently remove lingering odors and dirt that can be difficult to reach with traditional vacuuming.

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