How To Remove Red Dye Stains From Carpet

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Spills, especially red ones can ruin carpet in a matter of minutes. Red dyes are the toughest types of stains to get rid of too, according to all of the professional carpet cleaners in Texas. Red stains can be tough, but the good news is they aren’t impossible to remove.


If you are looking for a non-bleaching, highly alkaline cleaner that will also remove red stains from carpet then use ammonia. Mix 1/4 cup of ammonia with amount 2 quarts of warm water and blot it on the stain alternating with a clean dry towel to absorb the stain. It may take a while, but it will work too. Make sure to rinse the cleaning solution completely by going over it with a steam cleaner when you are finished as again the residue will attract future staining if it is not removed.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Regular household strength hydrogen peroxide is one of my favorite stain removers. It bleaches, but without damaging items like chlorine bleach does. Pour it full strength on the carpet and massage in the carpet fibers.

Hydrogen peroxide converts to plain water if exposed to natural sunlight so be sure to do this in the evening if the sunlight hits the area. You don’t need to rinse it and goes to work immediately and should be much improved when the peroxide has been allowed to completely dry.

Leave It Up To the Professionals

Trust your home’s carpets to the carpet cleaning professional technicians at Metro Cleaning. We clean carpets in Lewisville and the surrounding areas with expert precision and state of the art tools and equipment. Our staff is highly trained and certified to ensure that we will leave your home with clean carpet that will dry quickly and stay cleaner, longer.