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Metro Cleaning in Lewisville is your best choice for professional carpet cleaning for your home and business. Metro Cleaning can make your home and office cleaner and healthier places to live and work by professionally cleaning tile and hard surfaces, treating odors, steam cleaning rugs, cleaning upholstery and cleaning bathroom tile and grout.

Cleaning Solution Guarantee

Metro Cleaning guarantees that you will receive the most thorough carpet steam clean ever or it’s FREE!  We are the most efficient carpet cleaning company in the Lewisville area.  If you are not happy with any of our professional steam cleaning services, simply give us a call and we will come back and steam clean your home or office again for free.  If you area still unhappy after the second cleaning, Metro Cleaning will gladly refund you in full.

Metro Cleaning Professional Cleaning Services

From removing stubborn stains to spot removal, putMetro Cleaning carpet steam cleaning experience, stain guard protection, odor removing product knowledge, and incredible attention to detail to work for you! Metro Cleaning steam cleaning is Mesquite’s BEST way to maintain the look and quality of your carpet, upholstery and hard-surfaces in both your home and office.

There is a belief that cleaning carpets will cause them to wear out sooner. However, leaving dirt in a carpet is what causes wear. Dirt particles have jagged edges, which cause small tears and abrasions on carpet fibers as people walk. Over time, these cuts and scratches present themselves as worn areas of carpet.

Metro Cleaning

By hiring a professional carpet steam cleaning company such asMetro Cleaning, you can expect your carpets, upholstery, draperies, and hard surfaces to look cleaner and fresher than with rental equipment or home remedies.  Our friendly, professional cleaners have access to a variety of cleaning chemicals and techniques that are not readily available to consumers.