Tile Cleaning Lewisville TX

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Clean Tile is Beautiful Tile Lewisville The care and cleaning of your tile floors is vital for the sustainable beauty of your ceramic tile floor. Without regular deep cleaning grease, waxes, and polishes build up and trap dirt. When the dirt is trapped in the buildup of gunk your tile or marble floors lose their luster and can even become unsafe if …


Carpet Cleaners Flower Mound TX

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Metro Cleaning is setting new standards in carpet, upholstery and floor cleaning in Flower Mound, TX. Why Professional Cleaning in Flower Mound? Professional carpet cleaning removes harmful microbes that build up in your carpet fabric. Homes with small children and pets need to periodically get their carpets cleaned to prevent germs from developing in Flower Mound. Pet urine, food particles and …


Carpet Cleaning Flower Mound, TX

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All carpet cleaning is not created equal. There are a variety of factors you should consider before having your floor coverings cleaned. Different carpet fabrics require different types of care in Flower Mound, TX. Some rugs should be taken in for cleaning. Artisan produced carpets from Persia should be displayed and maintained in very specific ways. People even figure into …


Carpet Cleaning Lewisville TX

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Do you love a freshly cleaned carpet? Maybe it’s been a while. Well get ready for something new and different. We are a full service company specializing in carpet cleaning of all types. Metro Cleaning in Lewisville, TX offers the best cleaning services in the Denton County area. Regular carpet cleaning is essential for improving the health of your home and …


Benefits of Hiring a Carpet Cleaner – Lewisville TX

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Hiring commercial carpet cleaners to perform the task may deliver many other advantages than the alternative of completing the task by one’s self.  Knowledge One of the many advantages you’ll receive from hiring a professional is the knowledge that comes with them. Not only are they familiar with how to operate the cleaning equipment and how much solution should be …

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Metro Cleaning Lewisville TX

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Best Carpet Cleaning Lewisville TX Offering Same Day Carpet Cleaning throughout Lewisville TX The premier carpet and furniture cleaning company for the Lewisville, Texas area! Metro Cleaning & Upholstery Care is equipped to clean any type of carpet. A deep steam cleaning extraction is the most recommended by the leading carpet manufacturing companies. Excellent results are achieved with the application of a …


Furniture Cleaning Lewisville, TX

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Furniture items such as couches and chairs are comfy and relaxing, but they can also contain dust and dirt particles that cannot be seen in plain sight. Cleaning your furniture is very important because unclean and unmaintained furniture will deteriorate faster than furniture that is taken care of. Overtime dirt and dust will build-up in your furniture and weaken its …

Pet Odor Removal

Pet Urine Removal Lewisville, TX

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At some point as a pet owner you will face pet urine on your carpet or upholstery. The sooner you clean up the pet urine, the easier it is to get it out. When accidents happen, there’s no reason to live with the odors and stains in your Lewisville home. Trust Metro Cleaning for pet urine removal in your home. Your …

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Why Should I Regularly Clean My Carpet, Lewisville

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There is no hard steadfast rule for how often you should have your residential carpets cleaned. Having your carpet cleaned regularly will protect your carpets color from becoming dull and reduce the amount of wear your carpet sustains, thus extending the life of your carpet. Your carpet is good at hiding dust, dirt, and other soils. When your carpet color …