5 Reasons to Have Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally in Lewisville

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1) It improves the air quality in your Lewisville home

Carpet is one of the largest filters in your Lewisville home. As air moves through your house, it squeezes under doors and between small the cracks where your floor and walls meet. Your carpet catches small dust particles and traps them deep in the fibers of the carpet, too deep for a regular vacuum to release. Professional cleaning using hot water extraction will remove this dust, and greatly improve the quality of air flowing through your lewisville home.

2) It can improve the health of your family

During winter in Lewisville, when your house is tightly sealed against the cold, things like dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergens can get trapped in your house and in your carpet. Professional cleaning in Lewisville will remove the dirt, dust, and allergens, and kill the bacteria.  This can help clear up allergies, respiratory issues, and other sickness.

3) It prolongs the life of your carpet in Lewisville

Carpet is one of the largest investments in your Lewisville home. Regular maintenance, which includes regular vacuuming, spot treatment, and regular professional cleaning can prolong the life of your carpet significantly. Plus, it costs much less to maintain than to replace.

4) Many carpet manufacturers require regular cleanings to keep your warranty valid

We all know the importance of a good warranty. Because you never know what might happen (especially to your floors,) it’s a good idea to keep your warranty valid as long as possible.

5) It removes dirt and grime that a standard vacuum cannot

While necessary to keep carpet clean and beautiful, regular vacuuming isn’t enough to extract the dirt that is deeply set in your carpet in your Lewisville home, much less the stains that every day spills create. Getting your carpet cleaned every 12 to 18 months is recommended to keep your home looking and feeling fresh.